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Take a deep breath – Are you ready to  follow the steps of extreme
explorers and experience otherworldly sceneries ?

Pushing the limits, getting out of the comfort zone increases our
ability to bounce back and adapt to all situations.

Climbing the humbling mountains to look out at the world from
high up gives a breathtaking view and brings a unique feeling of calm and tranquility,
of power and strength. Resilience is a key to unlock most future scenarios.

Take a deep breath and embrace the crisp  purity  of the air, filled with wonderful fragrances.


The Cradle of Humankind is proud to reveal the talents of a young designer generation.

It is SHOW TIME in the glowing savanna

Bold, extravagant, rich, wildlife echo with an uninhibited creativity.

Listen to Africa’s ( all these ) voices taking back ownership of their culture.

Made of returns to origins and departures toward bright future.

An invitation to (Re)discover ancient jewels ( vanilla )of the perfumery in the prism ofa new light.


Blue is the new green .

Let's feel, immerse ourselves, discover the largest habitat on Earth.

Deep sea is stupendous, a source of wonder, home to many extraordinary creatures.

Our beautiful Ocean, a world of light and shadows, where life flourishes.

Visiting the abyss of the sea gives a unique feeling of harmony, reactivating

a profound sense of belonging .

A world within the world easy to recall with wet and ozonic scents

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Deep Sea
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